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Dec.. 2009
post card announcement
Christmas party and meeting
Nov. 2009
post card announcement
Special event and meeting
Oct. 2009 NAB Roadshow HD Satellite Newsgathering No Expo
LPTV windows
Luff on Expos
Monoscope cameras
May 2009 NAB Review NAB Review NAB and Expo
FCC Notices of Violation
Luff on NAB
April 2009 Gap Filling Translators NAB Review Helping Viewers
FCC Issues
Luff on NAB
March. 2009 DTV Transition/Antennas Gap Filling Translators FCC Issues
Kindle Power
Luff on Industry Trends
Feb. 2009 Elections/BAS 2gig relocation DTV transition FCC Issues
Luff on 3D
Jan. 2009 Christmas Party BAS issues
Election of Officers
FCC Issues