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December 2003 Panasonic Solid State Recorders Annual Free Christmas Luncheon
Election of Officers
Sam's final column
The Selling of Terrestrial DTV/HDTV
November 2003 No Meeting "P2"
Larry van Camp
The Future of Free TV
October 2003 On-Channel Boosters No Meeting Various Convention Reviews
September 2003 DTV Seminar Low Power Boosters for DTV
Sam Zborowski
Tech Paper Topics and other convention news
Retired Radio Engineers
June 2003 HD Radio DTV Transmission Seminar
Regular Meeting
Moved to July 1st
at the DTV Transmission Seminar
Tower hit by plane
Zborowski on Scheduling Stuff
National Museum of Broadcasting
May 2003 Master Headend Armstrong Cable Latest on HD Radio (IBOC)
Dick Schumeryer
Harris Corp.
Zborowski on keeping the H in HDTV on Cable
VMP Studio and CG Xtreme-conclusion
Top 5 Resume Mistakes
July 1, DTV Seminar
2003 Convention
April 2003 Linear and Non-linear Distortion
in IOT Transmitters
(Dave Benco and Don Thomas
Field Trip to Amrstrong Cable's Master Headend
in Zelienople
Hosts: Ed Hassler and Roger Hughes
VMP Studio and CG Xtreme part2
Distributed Transmission and RF Watermarks
2003 Convention
Mar. 2003 Nick Cap on the Superbowl New DTV installation at WPCB
Free Lunch courtesy of Axcera
Misc. DTV items
VMP Studio and CG Xtreme
EAS position and maintenance jokes
Feb. 2003 Practical and Theoretical
Considerations for DTV
Origination and Pass-through
(John Luff, Ascar)
Super Bowl 37 using latest digital
and good analog engineering practices
(Nick Cap)
The concept of Insurance,
"On The Road To SuperBowl 2003" part 3
Convention/EAS position
Jan. 2003 Managing Digital Audio,
(Nigel Spratling, Sigma Electronics)
Practical and Theoretical
Considerations for DTV
Origination and Pass-through
(John Luff, Ascar)
Election of officers;
"On The Road To SuperBowl 2003" part 2