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Issue Last meeting Next Meeting Other
December 2004 PSIP Election and free lunch HDTV's in Walmart
November 2004 no meeting PSIP What About Radio
October 2004 DVD/CD media no meeting Expo followup
The Media Stop flooded out
Sept. 2004 Augmenting DTV Coverage DVD Media Convention Plans and Tech Papers
Turning the Digital Corner
June 2004 EAS Augmenting DTV Coverage Convention Plans
Job Search Skills
April 2004 2GHz Band Plan April meeting cancelled New, local Newsgroup, "Pittsburgh TV Tech"
Annual Membership Drive.
March 2004
Maintaining Passive RF Systems 2GHz Band Plan Is HD a Subscription Service?
Annual Membership Drive.
February 2004 Art Institute of Pittsburgh Maintaining Passive RF Systems Do we really need 24 bit audio and surround sound?
Passaro receives CMMA award
Is it too early? (to start planning for the convention)
Pixel Corps event (Feb. 16)
January 2004 Annual Free Christmas Luncheon
Election of Officers
Art Institute of Pittsburgh Are We A Dying Breed?
HDTV Implementation Goes Forward