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Dec. 2007 Nov. Expo Review
Sept. HD/digital audio problems
Christmas Party
Election of Officers
80% of TV stations don't have to stop analog
Nov. 2007 Expo TBA on the web site EAS
Innovation In Business
Oct. 2007 no newsletter
Sept. 2007 NAB Review HDTV Advances and Problemsl WPCB Upgrades
RF Safety Seminar
June 2007 No meeting in May NAB Review SOA
May 2007 No meeting in April No meeting in May Guy anchor concerns, NAB / analysis
April 2007 2007 Expo
SBE Convention
Digital Asset Management
No meeting in April NAB preview/analysis
Annual Membership Drive
March 2007 Centralized Technology Management Systems Digital Asset Management Luff on Storage Trends
Expo News
Friendly Resumes
Feb. 2007 2 GHz Relocation
SDI over IP
Centralized Technology Management Systems 1080p
CBS HD Truck
WTAE Project
Jan. 2007 Christmas Party
Election of Officers
SDI over IP Flat Panel Displays